Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet Dan Vines

Hello. My name is Dan Vines and I'm obese. Sounds like a guy at an AA meeting doesn’t it? Here is my story. I’m a 59 year old baby boomer, married to my wonderful wife for 37 years. I've run 12 marathons in my life with my last one being my 6th straight Marine Corps Marathon at age 40. I'm 5 foot 10 inches tall and weigh an earth crushing 245 pounds. How did I get that way from being athletic and active?

When I turned 30, I lost 50 pounds and began running. However, I gained it back when life got in the way. Five years ago, I lost 75 pounds and was on the road to better health. At that point, like a lot of Boomers these days I faced several years of taking care of an elderly parent. My mother needed to move in with us and my exercise program, which included ballroom dancing, went down the drain. With the added family strain, I ballooned from 170 to my current 245 pounds.

So, why would my blog about my weight loss adventure keep a reader’s attention? Below are some of the reasons that will occur throughout my “battle of the bulge" year:

· I turn 60 in Oct. A lot of readers are baby boomers who, like me, and dream of being in better shape before it’s too late.

· I've done this before and know the challenge ahead. While I have a plan, I hope to have the willpower to carry it out.

· My goal is huge - to be down to 175 by New Year’s 2012.

· My daughter is getting married on April 16th. I want to lose a good bit of weight by then to look better in the wedding pictures.

· My method will include diet, lots of exercise in the garage, walking, and eventually some jogging. No trendy diets, no fancy gyms.

· As an end of year challenge to assist me in my weight loss and exercise goals, I will attempt to jog the Thunder Road Half Marathon in mid-November.

· Finally, to thumb my nose at turning 60 years of age, I will participate in the Bataan Death March Memorial Marathon in White Sands, NM in March of 2012 with my son. Its 26.2 miles of hiking in sand and up mountains carrying a 35 pound back pack the entire time.

There you have it, a big weight loss goal from a guy with many hurdles and varied life events to share and keep the story interesting along the way. If I'm successful in this endeavor, hopefully it will inspire some other people to take up the challenge of becoming more fit later in life. Selfishly, I also realize that participating in this blog will help hold me accountable and assist me in succeeding in reaching my goals.


Anonymous said...

Rooting for you.

Cayce said...


First of all, congrats on taking such a huge (and public) step in your journey. May I just encourage you to remove a couple of words from your vocabulary: "try" and "if".

When I hear someone say, "I'll try..." I automatically think - Oh boy. They're giving themselves an 'out' already. Take that bull by the horns and say "I will!!!" The other is "if". You said, "If I'm successful ...". By doing so, you're (seemingly) already backing down. Change that mentality. WHEN YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL!!!!! You can do this.

I look forward to following your journey!

Amy said...

I'm rooting for you:) As you know, next to mom, I'm your biggest fan daddy! We can hold each other accountable this year as we both get fit and reach our goals for our milestones.


Erick said...

We have a long ways to go before March 2012. Keep it up! This will be fun following along.

-Your son

steve said...

Focus big guy! I'm a skinny guy but6 have had several friends try what you're doing. Focus...


Nicki Taylor said...

Good luck, Uncle Dan! It is great you have made such great goals for this year. I look forward to reading your blog and I am sure it will be inspirational to others, as well. :)

Anonymous said...

I look forward to following you and the others on your journey. I'm on an ambitious weight-loss journey myself. Your success will be inspiring to me and many others.

Anonymous said...

Lofty goals, but definitely attainable. Sounds like you're doing it the smart way, too. We have a saying in these here parts, "Start out like you can hold out." Best of luck. Roll Tide!

Pam in FL said...

Good Luck Dan! I look forward to reading your accomplishments throughout your weight loss journey. You can do it!!