Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet Nancy Johnson

I have struggled with my weight for my entire adult life, starting with the college “Freshman 10.” As I continued to gain weight, I became comfortable. If I gained some weight, I simply bought larger clothes.

The travesty in my logic was unraveled when my daughter was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in October 2008. It was then that I realized that my inability to properly address my weight in the past, impacted my daughter’s physical and mental health.

My overall goal is a simple one – to develop a healthier lifestyle to save my life and more importantly save the life of my 16 year-old daughter, Brittany. We are both overweight, in fact, we are both considered obese. So my 2011 goals for myself are:

1. To get up and get moving.

2. Eat healthier food and portion sizes

3. Lose 36 pounds in 2011 and another 36 in 2012

An old proverb said that before you criticize anyone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. My blog will be just that – a walk in my shoes – an opportunity to share stories and encourage those who share my issues while educating others who may not understand what it means to be overweight.


Anonymous said...

You can do it my friend. Looking forward to seeing "less" of you around the office. Hopefully you'll be able to say the same about me.

Cayce said...

GO NANCY!!!!!!! You know I'm cheering for you. I'm so excited to help you along this journey.

Camille said...

I like your goals. They are very realistic. I am looking forward to reading the blogs. I hope that I can get inspired to do what you guys are doing!!!

Donna Earnhardt said...

YOu've got good motivation - and a good plan. 36lbs this year is about 3lbs a month. You might even overreach and get to your goal quicker than that!

We're pulling for you!

Vernon said...

Nancy, looking forward to following your blog. You can do it!

Julie said...

You CAN do it...I too have dealt wih being overweight my entire life...Good Luck on your journey! I look forward to traveling with you!

Anonymous said...

I am extremely proud of you and know you will achieve your goals. Don't let anything discourage you! The greater community & your family are here for you. David

Tyesha said...

I know you can do this. Just know that your family has your back. I'm rooting for you.