Monday, November 28, 2011

Doing What You Must

How many of you love getting up early every morning to wake your kids or yourself up to go to school and to work.  If you were truthful, you'd admit that there are probably other things you'd prefer to do today, but yet everyday you get up and follow your normal routine.  Why?  You do it because you must.

Those who know me well, know that in my perfect world, my day would not start until 10am.  I am a night owl and no amount of blogging has changed this fact.  My body prefers to work until the twilight of the day, but I have come to realize that I lose more weight when I do three things:
  • Get up early and get breakfast
  • Have a plan to accomplish three key projects, two ad-hoc requests, and one thing on my procrastination list (I know I am NOT the only one out there with this list :) ) and then
  • Take some time for myself

So, this week I strive to go to bed my 10pm (Toastmasters, you can stop snickering now) and work on my to-do list, and finally take some time out of my crazy schedule for M-E.  Every day I follow a routine that goes against my natural rhythm doing things for others because I must, so this week I am going to try doing something different to help rekindle my weight loss journey.  I know this last one will be the hardest, but I am going to give it a good try and will post about it next week. 
Until then take care
Nancy Johnson


J said...

Knowing you as I do, reading that you want to be in bed by 10, I didn't snicker. I laughed out loud. :-)

But that's the purpose of goals; they are supposed to stretch us. Hope it goes great this week!

Anonymous said...

Good grief, enough already! It has been six months of posts like this. Most folks realize in week 1 of a serious weight loss program what changes must be made. Do it already!