Thursday, November 17, 2011

Setting Goals

Good morning, blog readers. It has been a while since I posted.  Sorry, but a lot has gone on.  Good news since my last post, I've lost another 3 pounds. I've only got 9 more pounds to go to meet my annual goal!

I realize that many have been disappointed by my progress. I understand that many expected a huge weight loss through a stringent diet and exercise.  That was never my goal.  I set my 36 weight loss goal based on the craziness of my schedule and the reality of my life and I am almost there.

Many overweight people stay overweight because they set goals that are not achievable for their life.  Everyone has a different motivation.  I started the year with three motivations -- my health, my daughter and a reunion. I will end this year with only two.  It's never good to put an event as a motivator. 

I've learned alot since starting this blog, but I have a lot more to learn and do.  Setting goals is a great way to start, but getting and staying on the course is the only way to achieve the results.  Stay true to Y-O-U.

Until next time.

Nancy Johnson


harry said...

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Anonymous said...

You have done a great job, and you are RIGHT! Crazy goals just do not work. You have inspired me to take the reasonable do-able path. Thank you.