Friday, July 8, 2011

Sympathy Fat?

There have been news reports on the various States and their rate of obesity this week. Huge (an appropriate word indeed) increases in the percentage of us who are now classified as overweight or obese in the last ten years.
It occurs to me some part of this increase is also due in part to the "aging" of our population as you tend to get heavier with age if you don't fight the battle. The battle in fact that I at age 59 am currently fighting.
As a society we need to encourage fitness and proper weight. There can be a negative responses from some folks to criticize and belittle those who are fat. I suspect an encouraging approach to get fit might work better to get people working for themselves and then overall for our society as a whole to get in shape. If we as proper human beings don't wish the best for our fellow citizens then what does that say about ourselves? That does not excuse, however, each persons own responsibility to themselves and their families and to our nation to be healthy. Especially any aspect of health that is directly in our own control. Our weight, amount of exercise, what we eat and personal hygiene to a large part are all something we can personally impact.
A bit of sympathy toward the struggle of others might be a positive push to get society moving. Not coddling or excusing bad habits, just urging in a positive way to help those who struggle with these issues.
Think about it on your next walk, jog or treadmill session.