Sunday, October 9, 2011

5k Was Fun

The 5k in the Lung Run Saturday was fun. Perfect weather. Lots of fit runners in the 15k and an "assortment" of participants in the 5k.
I came in second in my age group. I also finished last in my age group. Yep, only two old geezer guys in the 5k. I also finished 223 out of 320 finishers. I think most of the folks behind me were little kids participating with their parents and walkers. Also perhaps a few people in my shape who went out too fast and paid the price later in the event.
I accomplished my goals of finishing and not walking any of the distance. I also had secondary goals of running "silent" . Just for fun and to not go out too fast, I started in the very back and shuffled along at a pace that you could never hear my breathing nor my foot strike. Purely a conversational pace.
It was fun to not have any specific time or performance goals that would make the event painful. I'm already looking for the "next" one in approx six weeks.
Sunday I went for a nice two hour stroll with no jogging. I also mowed my half acre lawn for some additional walking behind the mower.
I love this time of year. If you have been considering walking or jogging or hiking in the woods, there is no better time of the year in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Way to go! Having fun AND finishing. What could be better! I've never run and am now on week five of the Couch to 5K program which really works! Or at least it's working so far. Maybe I'll see you at a race one day!