Monday, October 31, 2011

Don't Be a Turkey

Quick! Run! Walk! Hide the eating utensils! Thanksgiving and other eating frenzy holidays are fast approaching.
If you've lost weight this year don't let go of it for a few days of gluttony. If you intend to keep on or start a diet don't start even further in the "hole" by gaining ten pounds during the holidays.
Lets brainstorm some about how to enjoy these special meals and yet not over do it. Give me your ideas or gimmicks that help you resist yet enjoy.
Certainly portion control and exercise during this time will be important. But how about enjoying a meal? What are you going to do? Plan it now. Visualize it now.
By the way, the exercise and walking and jogging on Monday was like being super charged with this great outdoor weather.
Get out there and walk vigorously to stay warm.