Thursday, October 13, 2011

Feeding Frenzy Holidays

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, good grief. Have you seen the calendar? Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are all rushing toward us fat folks with aroma, taste and a whole bunch of calories. Oh my. Hey you, is that your belly or a bowl full of jelly?
There will be so many snacks, treats and huge meals lurking around every kitchen so as to pop our shirt buttons. Don't give in to it!!!
My challenge is to actually lose weight during these holidays. The typical among us gain weight this time of year.
If you shy away from cold weather you may also eat more comfort food and avoid outdoor activity.
I actually love a walk/hike/jog in blustery cold air. We overweight folks tend to sweat during hot weather so its about to be great for us to go outside and move without leaving a trail of body fluids trailing along behind us. Actually, I sweat even when I'm slender. Maybe being an X Floridian I'm trained to cool off asap via a waterfall of gushing sweat pouring down my face. (Hope you are not having breakfast).
To help me focus, I'm already looking to sign up for my second 5k race event. Last weekend was so much fun to get out there and participate again.
There must be plenty of Turkey Trot, Jingle Bell runs and New Years gut busters out there to chose one nearby.
Now get out there and enjoy this gorgeous time of the year with a good outdoor walk.


Amy said...

let me know the next one and i can do it with you!!!

Anonymous said...

Agree with you re the sweating! EVen as a kid I sweat like crazy. Love cooler than 60 degrees - great exercise weather.

Quinn said...

I live in sunny South Africa. Yesterday it was 38degrees Celsius outside. If you want to know about sweet. Come see SA!!! LOL