Monday, October 3, 2011

5k This Saturday

First of all, thanks for the encouragement to "go for it" on getting back into running. As you may recall I was looking for the focus or spark to get me back to being serious about overall weight loss and fitness. My adult years have often included running as a integral part of my fitness routines.
I've been competitive as a 30 something person. I haven't run an event, however, since I was 49 years old and just turned 60 this past weekend. So......... I'm old and fat and not in running shape even for my age. Doing a bunch of push ups etc and walking doesn't really get you ready to run.
There is something about turning 60, however, that frees up my mind to forget about past life times and PR's. Its like the slate is clean to begin anew. Sure, I've got a lot of training knowledge and experience from the past to help along the way. I know, however, that I'm truly a back of the pack kinda guy now. I mean WAAAAYYYY back of the pack. 5 year old and 80 year old will kick sand in my face Saturday. I signed up for the Lung Strong 11 race in Cornelius. There is a 15k for the serious runners and then a non points event for the 5k.
I also subscribed to Runners World magazine to spur on my interest. I read the old Runners World religiously for probably 20 years in the old days. Attitudes have changed about training and racing since those days. The essence of getting out there and exposing yourself as fit or not fit is pretty much the same. I will be trying to use this sport/hobby as a stimulus to help me focus on losing weight.
Now you should look for your own interest or focus to help you reach your goals. Good luck to you all.