Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Two months ago, I gave up one of my last vices -- Diet Mt. Dew. With this change, I have increased my intake of water. However, as I was speaking a week ago, something happened that was both embarrassing and enlightening. I was answering a question after a 20 minute presentation and as I tried to close my mouth, my lips had a joker-like experience. My mouth was so dry that my lips were stuck over my two front teeth. It was funny, but is was not pretty to have to rush to my drink and pry my lips down.

At that moment I fully realized my mouth was trying to tell me something my body couldn't say - drink more water. Until this happened I never thought about the importance of staying properly hydrated for speaking and for weight loss.

Experts say that most of the time we eat, our bodies do not crave food; it really wants want water.  So, before you eat, drink!

Until next time.

Nancy Johnson


Quinn said...

That is great advice that I am going to implement immediately. I read about drinking water on many occasions and I never believed it. I guess I cannot ignore this anymore!!!