Thursday, October 6, 2011

Inches and pounds

Last week I walked or jogged 18.5 miles. This included a six mile and a six and half mile walk/jog. What do I mean by a walk jog? For example, during the six plus mile episodes I jogged 25 minutes during the total time it took to move that distance. 15 minutes of the jogging was uphill and the other 10 minutes were more or less level ground. Yes, I time such things and use a hand held GPS system to be accurate on the route.
The last two weeks pretty much a situation of holding even on my weight. I actually gained two pounds last week but have already lost that this week.
My waist line is shrinking however and having to shift to older smaller cloths.
Slowly but surely I'm increasing the amount of my distance from walking to jogging. Very slow to be sure but making headway.
I'm really looking forward to just being a participate in the 5k run this weekend. Its been a long while since I've been a "runner" and now that I'm old and not in very good running shape its an all new adventure with a clean slate to start all over again.
My hopes are that running goals will assist me in focusing on the essential aspect of weight loss to obtain those running goals.
Be it fitting into a certain size dress for the ladies or being able to walk one mile or run a marathon, I wish for all of my overweight buddies to find the emphasis you need to reach your goals and live a healthy life.
Its a journey. Its an adventure. Its worthwhile. Go for it!