Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lack of Drive

Finally. July is over. I've driven my 5,000 miles including 2900 just last week. All that sitting in car or on a motorcycle was terrible on my exercise/diet. I only exercised twice last week for example.
An odd thing happened during my two walk/jogs last week though. My jogs felt better than ever. You may recall that due to complications with my broke toe I've not been jogging any or much during my walks. For that reason, I expected it to be very tough to ease back into jogging my uphill sections of the walking course. I have no explanation other than maybe my legs were more rested than usual.
Anyway, in an otherwise lackluster month, it was a ray of hope for getting back to decent exercise.
Here's a tip for new joggers or old ones looking for a way to do an "interval" session without being on a track. If you are in a safe environment to listen to music while you walk/jog, try walking for one song....then jogging for one song for your "hard versus easy" pacing. Or you can use each new "block" to change up. If money is no object, you can get all kinds of great timing pieces too that have everything from simple stop watch functions to GPS and heart rate monitors built into them. Whatever it takes folks.