Monday, August 1, 2011

Phone a friend

On Who Wants to be a Millionaire, contestants have the option to call a friend when they need help with a question they don't know or are not sure about the answer.  It always amazed me when the friend would pick up the phone and have just the right answer and the friend would get to move on to the next level.  Imagine, a friend being there in your time of need for such an occasion.

Most of us will never have the opportunity to participate on a TV game show, but each day we get to play in the real game of life.  Unfortunately, there is only one chance through this game so we much take each day we are given and live it to the absolute fullest.  We don't have to wait until our number is called to join a TV game show, everyday we can phone a family member, friend, coworker, Toastmaster, neighbor or anyone you have haven't talked to in a while.  Encourage them to join you in this healthy initiative. Invite them on a walk and talk.  You will both be better for it.  Try it and let me know what happened.

Until next time.

Nancy Johnson


Anonymous said...

Joining an exercise group and having accountability to others for weight loss and attendance has been proven to increase weight loss and success. What exercise group has the blogger joined? What is the weight loss status? We haven't been told in months.

Anonymous said...

There was an article in the Observer a couple weeks ago with updates. Nancy has lost 20 pounds this year and Dan has lost, I think, 24 pounds (can't remember the exact number). You have been told; you just weren't listening - probably because you were too busy trying to find excuses to bash the bloggers to pay attention to facts.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the facts indicate the blogger hasn't lost weight in a few months and this blog has started to resemble the death spiral of that Melissa blogger who quit. So, if this is a blog about weight loss why are we getting endless commercials and a total lack of updates on progress or program?