Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've dropped 12 pounds so far

This past week, the second since this blog started, I walked 3 times for 9.75 miles. The last of these walks I "jogged" the uphill portions of the route. Eventually I hope to jog the entire route but need to continue some weight loss first to protect my feet and knees from my current weight pounding them to a pulp. I also did my S.P.E. W. work out 3 times. SPEW stands for Situps, Pushups, Exercise bike and Weights.

My diet continued with lean meats, lots of salads and various veggies, yogurt and no fat milk cheerio breakfast. I lost two pounds for the week. That's 12 pounds lost so far.

I'm luckier than some overweight folks in that I've still been able to exercise some during my 3-year 75-pound weight gain. Just enough to be able to pick it up fairly fast with the exercise. It's the food thing I will have to really concentrate on. I can do push ups, but I've got to master the "push away" from the table.

My wife is actively participating in Weight Watchers and I get the side benefits of more or less following WW philosophy. I eat normal food but just watch the portions. I was accustomed to exercising a lot in the past which allowed me to eat a lot. Now I'm older and just starting the trip back to old geezer glory. The combination of an exercise program and some form of proper eating philosophy will also help in the long term after I reach my initial goals. This can't be a one year deal.

Tell me some of your ideas as to how you keep focused. Now put down that donut and go for a walk.


Anonymous said...

As opposed to your fellow blogger you are making great strides. You have a nutrition and exercise plan you are sticking to and you are starting to get results. You are doing everything right. Congrats so far.

Nancy J said...

Which fellow blogger are you referring to? I am happy to see that today's comments are starting on a positive note.

Dan is doing a great job.

Erick said...

One way I keep focused is by having reminders set up around me. It's easy to forget to work out or watch what I'm eating when my schedule gets interrupted.
For example, I have a chin-up bar on my bedroom door. Every time I see it, I'm reminded to do some chin-ups. Leaving the weights in front of the TV reminds me to lift weights instead of sit on the couch. It also "energizes" my wife when she nags me to put the weights away. So it's a win-win.

Richard Hertz said...

My wife keeps putting the remote at my feet when I lay on the couch so I have to do a situp to change the channel.

Amy said...

I feel as if I'm focused because exercise and diet pretty much takes up most of my thoughts during the day; however, that is not reflected on the scale or my waistline! I'm really trying to refocus on eating right and exercising for my health and to relieve stress more than the weight loss now. It's been a long three months with no changes on the scale, but at least I'm learning about my diet and am exercising again!