Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Honey I Think I lost my Sumo Thong

Hello there you unsuspecting and as yet innocent Charlotte's Biggest Losers blog readers. I'm the token "guy" for the three blogger folks this year for the CBL gang. Men traditionally have it easier to lose weight I'm told. With that in mind I need to uphold that idea.

I'm 59, fat as heck, bald and basically totally insensitive. Just ask my wife of 37 years. I won't mean to insult anyone and will embrace my fellow overweight readers as brothers and sisters in the fight against fat. Can you sing "We are family"?

This first full week of Charlotte's Biggest Losers I walked 15 miles and biked a measly 5 miles. Only did my push ups and weights once though (Bad Dan). But I am down 10 pounds since New Years. (only 60 more to go)

Each of us need to have a goal to strive for. Be that something like my November half marathon in Charlotte or perhaps a person just being able to walk one mile. We all start at a differant place.

Oh. You are still wondering about the Sumo Thong thing mentioned in my "title" for this blog. I have a picture of a sumo wrestler from Japan taped to my fridge just to remind me each time I open its door to "not" look like this guy by rear end er, I mean year end.

Your assignment for next blog is to arrive at the reason in your own mind that you will be willing to dedicate yourself to reaching your health and fitness goals in 2011. Is it a wedding? Do you want to be "there" to see your grandkids graduate high school someday? Did your doctor tell you to get in shape "or else"? Share with me and others what will be your motivating desire or reason to push to success in 2011.


Amy said...

For me, the motivation is my wedding:) But I've always wanted to run a marathon sometime in my 30th year. Now that year is approaching and I barely have time to sleep let alone train!

Kim said...

So, proud of you Mr. Vines! Sam thinks your great/hiliarous writer! We know you can do this-we've seen you do it before! Are you getting out the dancing shoes this time?

Dan said...

The "One who must be obeyed" and I have not put our dancing shoes back on yet. Hope to later this year. Dancing is a fantastic form of exercise as well as fun and expressive.

Anonymous said...

The losers discuss their various plans for exercise. I want to know more about the foods they are eating. Are they using using diet plans like South Beach, Jenny Craig, etc. ?

Chris said...

Wow, can I just say great writing by all of you "Losers!" I auditioned but wasn't picked; at first I was bummed but am now mildly relieved to find myself cheering from the sidelines :)

Basically, my hubby loves to exercise but hates to diet. I hate to exercise, but am one of those annoying unicorns who can eat four Doritos and stop because I'm full.

So, I have to teach him how to eat and he has to teach me to get moving. We're not yet up to speed on the exercise thing due to ongoing medical issues, but we'll be there soon.

In the meantime we're working on diet -- we have a tight food budget and I cook almost everything we eat. Healthy meals + portion control alone have peeled six pounds off Hubby, who started at 5'11"/242. We'll take progress where we can get it!

As for motivation -- I'm the cardiac nurse in the intro feature who lamented, "We're too young to feel this old." That about sums it up.


Looking forward to following everyone's stories!

Erick said...

Here's my reason . . . I want something to look forward to every day, an excuse to "get away from it all" and spend some time improving myself. Almost like meditation. It's also fun to see how I change, get faster, stronger, leaner, whatever. It keeps me motivated to test myself often, such as how fast I can run my favorite route.

I've signed up for two races, both involving mud. The first race is in March, the second is in April. These races are my short-term goals.