Monday, February 21, 2011

Scaling Down

This weekend I bought a scale. I haven't been scale shopping since...umm...ever, and once again my eyes were opened to a whole new world I know nothing about. Armed with a gift card and determination to avoid the shoe isle, I purchased the fancy kind of scale that does everything but make you lose weight. This was a difficult choice considering the various products available. In fact, it took direction from a store clerk just to find the scales - evidently they are not considered an electronic or appliance, and instead qualify as a bathroom accessory. I thought this was rather ironic considering most people enjoy accessorizing and hate weighing themselves.

Despite this, my scale is very intelligent - it can memorize my weight, muscle and bone mineral mass, body fat and water percentages, and it has a highly fit individuals option (that I still don't understand after reading the book but that I can recognize as a running icon). It also is glass and has these neat-o silver feet thingies. I splurged and went with the one that guarantees 150 years of accuracy because I never again want to have to pay $40 bucks for an item I don't even really want in my house. Considering I will never outlive my scale's accuracy, I'm still debating who to designate it to in my will.

Weekend result overview =

Positive: After going through the whole calibration, memorization, should-I-step-on? debation, I found I have lost 5 pounds since my 25 cent celluloid-cellulite check;

Negative: I lost a stress battle and focused so much energy on all the important, really anxiety-inducing things I have to do this week (teaching award Q & A with 10 esteemed professionals, an audition for something that is yet to be discussed, and an interview with a college admissions board - oh my!) that I psyched myself out and didn't do very well with my portion control;

BUT, I bought a killer-cool, highly technical new scale and learned that anxious a-weighs, so I've got to find a way to deal with it.


Diana said...

Congratulations on your five pound weight loss! Is that since Valentine's day? That's great. Enjoy your new scale. Sounds fun. And call me because I'm curious about your 'audition.' ;)

Anonymous said...

Five pounds? Sounds like a great start. It you do that every two weeks, you'll be at your goal in no time. The scale sounds very snazzy, you should display it on your coffee table. On second thought, keep it in the bathroom. Loved the blog. You are so funny! I wonder where you get that from??????

Jodie said...

Woohoo!!! FIVE POUNDS!! That's awesome Melissa!! I'm so proud of you!! Keep the great blogs coming and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the loss! Glad to see that the changes you are making are starting to show on the scale! I'm on Weight Watchers, and they say that anywhere from a half pound to two pounds a week is a healthy loss, and you are right on track. Try not to weigh yourself too often or you will drive yourself crazy. I find that once a week works for me, and keeps me from freaking out about daily fluctuations (from water weight, etc). I'm really enjoying your blog - keep it up!!

Robert said...

I have often looked at those hi tech scales, and have never "splurged" on one, just have a rather plain one. Tell us if you like it in a few weeks, if you like all the other functions or just use the basic scale. Good blog!

Anonymous said...

congrats!! but seriously, this is the first blog where you weren't talking about your obsession with food

Cory said...

I recently bought a new scale too. The old one was driving me batty because it wasn't repeatable. You could step on it three times and get three different readings. I have no use for the bells and whistles. But I would recommend getting an electronic scale that has 4 load cells instead of 2. That equates to a load cell at each corner foot which will give the most accurate reading. Also, make sure you use the scale on a level hard surface.


Hey, I started a weight loss plan last year.

How much did you lose?

Sixty-nine dollars!

Anonymous said...

Way to go!!!