Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gained a couple of pounds

Dang it. I gained a couple of pounds. Makes me mad at myself. I know why I gained but don't like the sound of the excuses. I've gone over to my mountain place each of the last five weeks. 3 of those weeks were to work on the flooring project. The other two visits were entertaining folks.
So my weights or exercise bike were not handy and my walking in the mountain plans were only minimally done. Then some of you may recall I broke my toe and that has not been a fast healing process as my entire foot has seemed to have some problems as a result of that.
So my mainstay of exercise has been less than planned.
Knowing why you fail at weight loss is important. It means you are paying attention. I now need to allow my guilt and anger to get my butt back in gear. On Monday to kick off a spartan week I walked 3 miles, biked for an hour and did my weights and push ups. I also began a gimmick eating deal to concentrate on purity of food consumption by eating apples multiple times per day and drinking tons of water to stay full and hydrated in this heat.
I confess my sins and vow to get really active again now that my trips to the mountains will be fewer. Don't give up, get going. Get mad. Get serious. Get help. Just don't give up folks.


Nancy J said...

Great post Dan. Keep up the great job you are doing to push through the obstacles!

Anonymous said...

You'll see much better results if you eat protein and cut out the fruit. If you must eat fruit, eat grapefruit.

Anonymous said...

How is a grapefruit better than an apple? Anyone who encourges someone to "not" eat fruit needs to take a serious look at their own diet. Seems like you're looking at it from only a "body building" aspect and not an overall health one. Fruits and veggies are essential to overall health. I follow a high protein low fat diet, but I also eat my fruits and veggies.

Amy said...

You can do this dad! Keep it up:)

Anonymous said...

Fruit is sugar, anonymous 7:11. Plain and simple. If you want to burn fat for energy, you need to keep sugar out of the diet. You can get fiber, vitamins and minerals from other sources than fruit. Also, fructose is predisposed to be stored as fat rather than burned. Grapefruit has enzymes that help convert fructose to a better form of sugar, and also to burn fat. Apples don't.

MichaelProcton said...

Broken toes suck. I once had six at the same time. Good luck getting over that. Terribly frustrating wanting to put the effort in when your body won't allow it.