Friday, June 3, 2011

Help from my wife

My wife turned the big 60 Monday. As a total surprise, I took her and my daughter and new son-in-law to US National Whitewater Training Center and we did the Canopy Tour. This is approximately four hours of zip lines, rope bridges, cargo nets and rappelling. My wife wanted to do something physical for her birthday as that is kinda out of her normal personality.

Given the heat and some of the rope/net climbing stuff it was indeed physical. Glad I've shed weight and been exercising this year.

My wife, however, was a perfect example of perseverance. In spite of her fear of heights and lack of much strength type training she finished every obstacle. She toughed it out and had a blast.

Exercise doesn't always have to be boring.

I think the fun she had doing this physical challenge will go a long way in getting her to do longer bike rides with me.

I'm fine doing things solo. But I must admit having my spouse of 38 years do exercise with me is and will be a wonderful thing going forward into our senior years.

Now if "she" can do it, I have no excuses. How about you? You may have some reasons to not do a canopy tour through the trees but you have got to drop those excuses and get out there and do "something" . Now get out into the heat and walk or jog or swim. Its good for you.


Anonymous said...

Another really solid post. You have really hit on two things here.

First, that exercise shouldn't be boring. Find what you like to do and it will never be boring. Yes, there are days where it can be less fun than others (like running in 20 degree weather).

Second, fitness/training with your spouse is awesome. Our family does all sorts of events together and it is a nice bond.

Keep it up! One blogger who really gets it.

Anonymous said...

If Melissa had written this same post about doing the canopy tour with her husband, or if Nancy had done the canopy tour with her daughter, this post would be filled with at least 50 comments about how this is not really exercise and they are just making excuses for not doing "real" exercise and that they are lower life forms because of it (for proof, see Melissa's post about spending an entire afternoon doing yard work).

Dan - bravo to you and your wife. I did a ropes course back in college, when I was in much better shape, and I barely made it out alive. Those things are no joke. Hope you can continue to do well.

Anonymous said...

Melissa is a quitter, stop keeping her failings alive. Melissa did one day of yard work and six days of pigging out. Dan works on his weight and fitness every single day. That's a HUGE difference.

Just Jackie said...

Awesome! The Whitewater Center is a wonderful place. Glad to hear that the course is open for the season. Losing weight definitely makes fun physical activities that much more fun and easier too! If you get the chance, do the whitewater rafting, the guides are hilarious and it's a workout while laughing your hiney off. Watchout for the dump out on the challenge end though, they like to have a little fun with the boats. Be prepared to get soaked!

Anonymous said...

We have two bloggers losing weight in two different ways. One says she is watching what she eats; not much exercise. Oh well. The other says he exercises alot but they both seem to have lost the same amount of weight. hmmm

If they are both achieving weight loss in their own way, why do you favor Dan and ridicule Nancy? Are you just that gullible to believe everything you read? The facts don't lie.

John Thomas said...

@Anon 11:46 - who's ridiculing Nancy? I didn't see any posts say anything derogatory.

J - Please stop drudging up Melissa and her failings. Thanks.

Dan - well done, a great activity to prove that exercise can be fun, rewarding and a great family activity all in one.

Amy said...

Moving is a great workout as well, especially to the third floor! You missed a weekend full of stair climbing dad:)