Thursday, June 30, 2011

Half a Year Down

July is here. Its been six months since new years. How is your weight/exercise goals looking now? Mine are disappointing. I've been at 24 pound weight loss give or take a pound for way too long now. I know why. I've not been steadfast in my calorie log. That lack of focus goes hand in hand with my eating too much lately. My exercise pretty much has been stable and I am indeed fitter than I was. The walking, biking, push ups and weights have helped my heart rate go down, my blood pressure go down and my strength/breathing much much stronger.
But I'm still fat. Long way to go and urgent time frames now to succeed at my goal by the end of the year.
The broke toe routine is mostly ok now so no excuses to not get back to jogging during my walks.
When you falter in your quest, do you give up? No. Don't do that. Get mad at yourself. Growl and flex your muscles and grunt out some new resolve.
I owe it to myself most of all to get going seriously for the rest of my life let alone the rest of the year.
During July I"m on the road a lot. I intend to scope out how to eat on the road and not "blow it" in your basic interstate stops and gas station type stores.
More on that next week as I blog from our nations Capitol.