Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm too Sexy for my Tux

Good morning from Durham from the father of the bride!!!! Yep. Girl child getting married tomorrow (Saturday) in Durham. Weather looks terrible for an outdoor wedding. All the eating and drinking, however, to be inside. Good thing the Tux uses suspenders to hold the pants up. I'm at least two inches smaller in the waist than earlier this year. Last time I wore a tux was in ballroom dancing events a few years ago at 170 pounds.

My daughter's wedding is one of the life events for this weight loss year. The others you may recall are turning 60 years old, participating in a half marathon, 38th wedding anniversary and the "bonus" life event I didn't expect...... being laid off from my job.

So what? Life goes on. I'll certainly participate in eating and drinking and being merry this weekend. I will, however, try to also get in a walk or two at the Hilton exercise room and occasionally chose celery instead of another load of Italian food.

Just because we abundant size folks are on a journey to better health and fitness doesn't mean we can't have a life and enjoy it. Monitor it, plan for it, make up for lapses and most of all, look forward to the better life we are working toward. I raise a glass of bubbly to all you "losers" out there and wish you all a weekend of fondness for life. Now get out there and go for a walk.


Anonymous said...

I would leave the diet at the door this weekend. Do what you love with the people you love. This will only happen once.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Dan and all the best to your daughter and future son-in-law! Bad luck for the wedding this Saturday as the weather is supposed to be pretty gross, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...


Plan for the splurge and forget about the celery this weekend. Plan to be up a few pounds and own that you enjoyed every minute of it. Commit to working harder next week. And sure, while you are there, work out hard. Really sweat for 1 hour and you might be surprised at how the scale looks on Monday.

I went away for a long weekend with my family in early April. I ate with abandon, drank more than usual but got up at 6 and worked out before my family woke up. Belgian Waffles, Bacon and wine (at different times of the day). Didn't gain a pound. Now the next week I buckled down on the eating side and with the workouts. No guilt just work. The workout is the key!
Congratulations! It's a big milestone Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

And one last thought. Don't use your blog commentors to give you permission to indulge and enjoy. You have to give YOURSELF the permission. If you don't the guilt will follow which starts a bad cycle. I hope you do whatever is right for you.

Anonymous said...

All of your readers hope you and your family were not effected (beyond getting wet) by the terrible storms in the Triangle. God bless all who were.

KMAL said...

Was everything okay for the big day with the storms and all?