Monday, April 11, 2011

Letter to a Bosu Ball

Dear Bosu Ball-

I know I've let you down lately. Typical to my usual behavior, I get intensely involved with something and back off unexpectedly. We started seeing each other frequently, enjoying our time together, and experimenting with a closer relationship. I realize this week my behavior has changed. Without warning, I've been distant lately. It's not an accident that I've been making plans to see you and then canceling at the last minute. It's true that I've been ignoring your calls and avoiding situations where I know you'd be present.

I want you to know it is not you, it's me. I have serious issues with consistency and putting my needs before other responsibilities. It's not that I don't enjoy our time together or that I find you boring. In fact, it's the opposite - being with you always makes me feel better, and I truly see a need for you in my life. I just want you to know that I'm working on it. If you can just give me some time, I promise I will find a way to adjust to the new changes that being with you will bring to my life. I know I need to put you first and work you into my life; I'm figuring out how to make that happen and I need you to work with me on this.

I've let you down; I've let myself down, and for that I'm sorry. It is without hesitancy that I say that I want to continue our relationship. Though I may not get to see you too often this coming week as I sort through some issues, just know you are on my mind. This is not the norm; I'm in for the long haul.

With my sincerest regret,

Old Habit


Sugar Plum said...

Good luck!

John Thomas said...

Something else you failed to stick with. I'm sensing a trend here. Headed to Red Robin for dinner tonight? I hear the Royal Burger is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Another whiny, self indulgent, excuse laden post. Why didn't you blog about your fitness the past weekend and the beautiful weather? Instead, you talk [again] about not exercising. I think it is time to shut down this blog, seriously, it's done.

guiltfree said...

Wow...this blog ending may be a good thing. I am not longer even entertained with it's cuteness. I am a supporter, but seems there is less and less to support.

Jodie said...

I read somewhere that it takes more than 2 weeks to learn a new habit (or lose an old one)... Be determined to do something for three weeks straight and then see how it feels. I know its hard to get started but once that momentum is going, your determination and confidence builds and you can't wait to exercise, or make those changes... after three or four weeks you should start seeing some changes in your body... Like muscles building, etc.. depending on the exercise routine you choose.
At least that's what works for me... I've been doing 6 week boot camp dvds and that is a nice length of time to be determined to get through, then I change it up after the six weeks to something new... and just keep rotating. :)

Anonymous said...

"I have serious issues with consistency and putting my needs before other responsibilities."

Are you going to write that same letter to your insulin pen when you end up with obesity-related diabetes in 10 years?