Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Releasing the Clutch & Shifting Gears

Many years after I had learned to drive a standard car, someone convinced me to learn to drive a stick shift. The experience is not one that brings on fond memories.To be honest, I am not the most coordinated person. (I could tell you stories about me socking the Chairman of the Board of a former employer in the mouth while learning to shag, . . . I digress).

Driving with both feet just didn't feel natural. It didn't help that my teacher often got frustrated with my attempts to shift gears and used terms like "this isn't rocket science", "what's wrong with you", "are you slow?"  What does this bad memory have to do with weight loss? Nothing, but when I read some of the comments on how "easy" it is to just eat less and move more, I remember my  attempts to shift gears while listening to the negative comments from my driving instructor. 

Losing weight is a lot like trying to learn to drive a manual car. It took many false starts, a few stripped gears, and a lot of Sunday school words, but I learned to drive that car and the feeling of absolute control while shifting gears and releasing the clutch was absolutely won-der-ful!  I am looking forward to shifting gears with my health.

Until then, remember that perseverance not perfection is the only way to get there.

Nancy Johnson


Anonymous said...

In all fairness, Nancy, you should have known that you would receive criticism by making your situation public and not being serious about it. You can't have thin skin and be in the public eye. But to be completely constructive, have you figured out WHY you are overweight? Most of the people on the Biggest Loser tv show have some sort of deep-seeded emotional problem or event that has caused them to seek comfort in food. Maybe some professional counseling is in order. And if you need motivation, look square in your daughter's eyes or maybe your husband's (if you have one). For me and many others, having a family that loves me and depends on me is motivation enough to get fit. You CAN do this. Pop the clutch.

Anonymous said...

Nancy this is the first time I've happened upon your posts, but I've gotta tell you I'll read them now. I remember learning how to drive the stick shift too and what an accurate comparison to life's ups and downs, and so good for you to realize that you are really the one in the drivers seat. Take charge and keep up the great work and positive attitude.